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Which Arashi Member Are You?

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Let other fans vote for you~ Find out which Arashi member you are the most like!

{Basic Rules}

* No spamming
* No flaming
* Please join in order to post
* You must vote for 5 other unstamped people first before posting your own application
* Use the Form provided below when you post
* Remember to tag your entries as: unstamped
* You will need 10 votes before you can apply to be stamped on the master post here
* You may apply to be stamped early if you have at least 6 votes for the same member
* Please vote for others even after you've been stamped
* Please bold the group member you think the applicant is like

Application Form
Please copy and paste this form, filling it out afterwards. =)

**minor note: copy and paste in "html" format not "rich text" to avoid coding disasters

FAQ Post
For all your general questions and comments.

Stamp Post
please click on those words. =)

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We need lots of members so you'll have sufficient votes in order to be stamped~